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So I now have two audios of Bebe as Mama Morton, one from 2/21/2014 and one from 3/8/2014 (her third to last show). The first one had Bianca Marroquin as Roxie and the second has Dylis Croman as Roxie (there were also some understudies but for small roles like the jury and Dylis’s cell block alternate) So there’s three steps to get the bootlegs!

1. Follow me! 

2. Message me either Bianca, Dylis or Both so I know which link to send you!

3. Like/reblog this post then ENJOY!!

 “Marshall Brickman called me up to say he’d written this musical, The Addams Family, and I just about screamed because I loved Carolyn Jones. Her Morticia was really an archetypal character. As a child, I wanted to embody her qualities. She wasn’t even part of that competition. She was doing her own thing. Who knows what that inner life of hers was, but she was hip. You know, I think Rhea Perlman’s character on Cheers once referred to me as Morticia.”
- Bebe Neuwirth

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